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Consulting Values


If you find that your business is in a situation where it's underperforming or having departmental difficulties that are not getting resolved, it's time to consider bringing in a fresh set of eyes to look at your dealership. It's important to evaluate what is and what isn't working, formulate a strategy and implement it.


BMA can help you through that process and get your business back on track and in the direction you want it to go. Some common issues and challenges we can help you with are:

* Work with you in negotiating lower interest rates with your floorplan lender. Click here for details

* Use your P&L's as a guide to stop costly mistakes * Inventory turns and reducing your interest expense

* Maximize use of OEM programs to save money * Reduce staff turnover and develop workable pay plans

* Deal with obsolete PG&A and reduce shrinkage * Increase F&I profit per deal

* Get your warranty claims paid! * Improve marketing and branding to drive people into your dealership


When a successful business encounters issues that are challenging to resolve, they don't hesitate to bring in outside help so they can get back on track. The strongest, most successful RV, Marine and Powersports dealers don't hesitate to bring in a fresh set of experienced eyes to resolve a problem they are having trouble solving. They realize it's costing them money so to bring in a consultant, it's not so much an expense but an investment to get back on track and be more profitable. Not fixing a problem will cost you much more than what an investment for a consultant will be.

The reality is, none of us has all the answers so we all can use some help from time to time and when financial strain is involved, how can you not​ invest in someone helping you stop the cash drain? The sooner you act, the sooner your business is back on track and making money.

"Bruce was a huge help in better understanding OEM bookings and how to best use floorplan financing"

                                                                                             Derek Roth - President at Adventure Power Products

How It Works


Our consulting services can be tailored to meet your needs and we can address any variety of issues you are facing. A dealership visit is required for a hands on approach but before that happens, here is how the process starts:

  • Once we agree to work together, an intial indepth, confidential discussion takes place and we'll request some information that will help us gain a deeper understanding of your issues. We will schedule a dealership visit at this time.
  • The dealership visit starts with a sit down meeting with you to further discuss your issues and review how the visit will work and what is all involved. The work begins and depending on the project and it's severity, the visit can run from 2-5 days.
  • With the work and assessment completed, we then develop and present to you, our evaluation of the issues that brought us there. It will include recommendations, suggestions and solutions. Any continued follow-up can be determined at that time


Once the evaluation is complete and you have received our suggestions, recommendations and solution options, we would be happy to arrange additional time to help you implement them. This could include ongoing periodic financial analysis, departmental follow up and consultation with you or if required, an extended dealership visit to facilitate a "hands on" implementation of agreed upon policies and procedures.

Please send us an email or give us a no obligation call to discuss any questions you may have. All discussions are confidential. We're here to help and work with you.


The value for the dealer

  • An honest, unbiased view of the entire dealership
  • Learning or being made aware of other issues and concerns not known by the owner that could be costing you money
  • Options and recommendations to resolve outstanding issues and challenges so you can improve sales and reduce expense
  • The ability to obtain constructive consultation and assistance to get your business back on track to growth and profitability
  • Our extensive experience allows us to understand how you do business, appreciate your challenges and help make a difference