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Marketing Strategies

Social media is huge and your business needs to include it in order to have a shot at your piece of the pie. The majority of customers do their research online before they make a decision or walk into a dealership. It's common for a customer to walk into a dealership and already know the features and benefits of a particular product along with any reviews. It happens all the time. It's the new reality in retail.

Meanwhile, I could show you dealership websites that haven't been updated for 3 years... and some of those dealers can't understand why they are slow. An outdated website will not attact any interest or result in a phonce call of visit to your dealership because the customer has already done their homework. If your website isn't current, you've taken yourself out of the running to get that business.

Like it or not, your website defines your dealership and if your website needs improvement, BMA can help you with that.

Digital marketing is most essential in today's business world. With both our competitors and the potential customers constantly online, digital marketing is now vital to stay ahead. And with the huge amount of possibilities for digitally marketing, it can become time consuming, confusing and intimidating.

How we manage social media initiatives on a variety of platforms:

  • Facebook: More business from followers through sponsored posts, promoted page campaigns, building custom audiences and conversion tracking
  • Twitter: Promoted Tweets using retargeting, custom lead generation, promoted accounts
  • YouTube: Leveraging your brand presence through a customized Brand Channel, video and mobile ads, with behavioral and demographic targeting
  • LinkedIn: Boosting B2B-business leads with many ad options, including LinkedIn Lead Accelerator, which integrates with marketing automation
  • Pinterest: Helping establish the correct Pinterest Business account, utilizing ads and Promoted Pins to drive traffic
  • Instagram: Implementing sponsored photos to target users based on their activity on Instagram and Facebook


 Video Marketing

Using video to engage your audiences helps generate new leads and it’s measurable, so you know whether your video marketing is having impact. Product demo videos educates your audiences and can build trust in your brand. It is not nessessary to hire a dedicated video team for thousands of dollars. We offer videographer references who can shoot and edit all of your footage and produce at least one short video per week for under $1,000. We also provide a service for image to video editing for under 500.00 per video which includes assistance for marketing your videos on Youtube, facebook or the many other video channels.

Web Development

Visit our Dealership Demonstration website.

Our Key Web Design Features include:

  • Fully Responsive Framework – mobile optimized, designed using the latest Bootstrap
  • Automotive-Recreational Vehicle Listings – easy to add, edit, and remove as your inventory changes
  • Filterable Inventory – listings are completely filterable & sortable
  • Listing template platforms to maximize exposure of your inventory online
  • Customized Contact Forms with Recaptcha – multiple built-in editable forms
  • Multi Vehicle Comparison – side-by-side comparison for 2, 3, or 4 vehicles
  • Similar Listings – includes a customized widget for displaying similar listings
  • W3C Validated & SEO Optimized HTML5 Code – 100% optimized coding
  • jQuery Inventory Layouts – users can instantly switch views of vehicle listings
  • Finance Calculator – includes an integrated loan calculator to calculate payments
  • Social Sharing Integrated – increase your customer engagement with ease
  • Printable Brochures for Inventory Listings – one click PDF page creation
  • SEO Enhanced – proper implementation of the new markup language & structure
  • 6 Gallery Layouts – for images, flash, YouTube, Vimeo, and iFrames
  • Google Maps Integration – for Contact pages, Inventory Listings and more
  • Dedicated Support Website Option – we offer monthly support options to fit your requirements
  • Website development starts at 1500.00 CAD., includes 10 inventory listings & on-line staff training for self-listing inventory


SEO (Search Engine Optimization)


Like most technology, what was applied last year in online marketing efforts may already be already outdated. With every new year, it is vital to reevaluate SEO

SEO now considers more than just singular keywords. We utilize a software tool for generating "Long Tail Keywords" that scrapes Google's massive Autocomplete database that we can include into your website keyword placement strategy. It is important to consider why people search for anything online. Who are your customers and what do they want with your product? Our scrapping will inform you of the best keyword approaches for your dealership.