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Meet the Team

Bruce Marcia - Dealership Management/Training

Bruce has been involved in the RV/Marine and Powersports industries for over 30 years. The breadth of his experience spans across the three core disciplines required to make these industries function:

  • Retail Store Management
  • Wholesale(OEM) Management
  • Commercial floorplan financing

He has been engaged in the dealer and OEM sides covering all spectrums of the business, offering an all-encompassing, unique business acumen and perspective. His expertise and successes in all three areas of specialization provide him with a distinct capacity to understand how they must all function holistically for your business to be truly successful.

Bruce's straight forward approach to business has made him a trusted and valued manufacturer partner and friend.

                                                                                                                              Rod Hollman - former GM at FFUN Motorsports


Not only can Bruce effectively evaluate your dealership and assist you in developing and implementing strategies for the issues or challenges you have, he will show and explain how to get the most benefit from your suppliers and their programs; as well as, bridge the gap or uncertainty between you and your floorplan finance company.

Some highlights of Bruce’s experience and the value he offers you include:

  •  Strong work ethic instilled at an early age while working at the family owned retail business.
  • 16 years’ experience with floorplan finance companies that ranged from field auditing to branch management. Known as a troubleshooter for weak branches and dealer accounts.
  • Operations Manager for one of the largest RV & Marine dealerships in the country. Improved efficiency and implemented policy that eliminated over 100k in lost parts and accessory inventory.
  • General Manager for an RV/Marine & Powersports dealership. Implemented first stand-alone website. Brought in proper dealership management software system to improve accountability, efficiency and profitability. Successfully eliminated a deficit with a 170k turnaround profit in one fiscal year with reduced sales volume.
  • 12 years as District Manager for major OEM. Received 10 awards for sales and procurement. Top producer for parts and accessory booking programs
  • Monthly blog contributor for and



Glen Usselman - Retail Sales and F&I Training

Glen got involved in the Powersports industry back in the 70's when he was still in high school and hasn't looked back.

He's done everything from setting up snowmobiles and motorcycles to selling them and, eventually managing sales departments. Glen has always taken a keen interest in training and his expertise in all aspects from selling skills to product knowledge allows him to demonstrate the connection to his audience.

Glen has decades of sales experience that he will use to help sharpen your sales team; and, increase your F&I penetration rates to make it the profit center it should be.

Highlights of Glen’s experience and how he will help your team make an impact on your bottom line:

  • Powersports Sales Manager for one of the largest RV/Marine & Powersports dealerships in the country. Increased snowmobile sales by 30% and retailed 900 motorcycles and ATV's
  • Recognized as "Dealer of the Year" by Boating Magazine as a result of high sales volume. Developed the business to become the largest marine dealership in the country.
  • Implemented policies and procedures as F&I Manager that resulted in a 400% increase in sales and awarded for highest volume by various banks, lending companies and warranty companies.
  • Started a very successful F&I brokerage firm to assist dealers who don't have their own F&I staff.




Bryan Marcia - Web Development Consultant

Bryan developed a passion for the internet back when bulletin boards were still all the rage. He undertook his first web project over 19 years ago and has continued to educate himself on the latest trends and advancements in website design, technology and digital marketing.

As an entrepreneur, Bryan has a strong grasp and appreciation for the value that a well thought out marketing strategy offers. There are many moving parts. Knowing how all the intricacies fit together and operate most effectively can be likened to building the best engine. All cylinders need to be running smoothly to achieve ultimate performance.  

He understands how building the right marketing mix, online presence and digital strategy are part of the finally tuned engine that is your brand and your business.

Highlights of Bryan's experience and how his expertise will drive traffic to your website and ultimately your retail store.

  • Experienced in database management, web site security and maintenance as well as search engine optimization.
  • Developed our dealer website platform that is:
    • Dynamic
    • Scalable
    • Social sharing integrated and SEO optimized
    • Cost effective
    • Representative of the brand image you want to portray