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Consideration for Manufacturers

All manufacturers consistently look for ways to build and strengthen their relationships with their dealer network. Providing value to their dealers helps accomplish that goal which should promote retail thereby increasing wholesale. The end result is for increased growth and profitability for both the dealers and the manufacturer.

In providing this value, manufacturers will often offer a variety of incentives. Most dealers in the power sports industry are multi-lined so what else can a manufacturer do to set them apart from their competition? Further, what can a manufacturer do with the bottom 25% of their dealer network that is weak or underperforming? Offering the services of BMA​ would make the difference.​

Your DSM team is crucial in managing your dealer network, ensuring that proper inventory levels as well as retail sales are maintained locally. They are the conduit for dealers to relay concerns and report observations but then what happens once those observations and concerns are given to management? Who does what, when and how?

Some manufacturers have implemented Dealer Development Managers and that position plays an important role in helping dealers get back on track with a particular brand but how does this position help with dealers who have larger, deeper issues that need to be addressed and resolved before improvement can begin?​

The answer to those questions comes from setting yourself apart and taking a large step forward in offering important value that provides long lasting benefits for the dealer and just as importantly, the manufacturer. That would happen with the implementation of a Dealer Support Specialist from BMA. Why?

Your DSM team are your eyes & ears to the field. How far can they go in providing assistance to their dealers when (if):

  • They actually never managed a retail dealership thereby understanding issues owners face daily?
  • Recognizing challenges of a difficult or sensitive nature and are comfortable to discuss and offer solutions?
  • Having actual experience in working in various departments of a retail dealership allowing them to understand issues?
  • Explaining the importance of a solid relationship with floorplan finance companies and how it impacts their business? 
  • Reviewing and analyzing a financial statement. Can they find the red flags and discuss them with the dealer?

A Dealer Support Specialist from BMA can do those things and more. The Dealer Support Specialist can focus on the weakest dealers in your network or those who just require some feedback from a fresh set of experienced eyes to confirm or discover new issues. When your company provides such a service, it makes your organization a trusted partner in the eyes of your dealers. It makes you more proactive. It makes everyone more successful! It's also good use of co-op funds that most underperforming dealers never use.

The value for the manufacturer

  • A thorough, in depth review of a weak or difficult dealership
  • A stronger understanding of what the dealer is experiencing which will help the manufacturer develop sales programs as well as policy with parts and service
  • The opportunity to be proactive, not reactive with a weak or difficult dealer
  • Build and possibly repair a strained relationship thereby promoting growth for both parties.